Love your tests

Your team ships code to production multiple times a day and monitors your applications to make sure things are running smoothly. You can't imagine life without Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and DevOps.

But what's powering all of that is a comprehensive automated test suite. These tests are an integral part of the software development and deployment process today.

So why aren't you collecting any data about your tests?

Testmetrics offers solutions for gathering and analyzing data about your automated test suites and giving your team instant feedback that will help them write better, faster, more reliable tests.

Why does test quality matter?

Happier developers - nobody likes to wait for things, especially busy developers. Faster tests means faster feedback cycles, and getting rid of intermittent test failures means no more annoying waits for CI to rebuild so you can get your PR merged.

Ship fewer bugs - when a test suite is slow and unreliable it's only natural for developers to want to write fewer tests, and this results in more bugs making their way to production.

Ship code faster - a great deal of time spent in most CI builds is spent running tests. If those tests run faster then PRs can get merged faster and new code can get shipped to production with greater velocity.

Shrink your CI bill - if your test suite runs faster and has fewer intermittent failures then you won't need to use as many CI resources, and using fewer expensive CI resources can add up to real savings.

Currently Supported CI Services

(more coming soon!)

Circle CI

Travis CI

Semaphore CI

Currently Supported Languages

(more coming soon!)




Testmetrics integrates with GitHub's Checks API to tell you right away if you've added a slow test so you can fix it while it's still fresh in your mind.

All the data that's collected by Testmetrics is analyzed thoroughly, giving your team key insights into ways they can make their tests better, faster and more reliable.

Intermittent test failures create costly waste in CI/CD pipelines and slow down velocity. Testmetrics looks out for these and provides warnings when flaky tests are found.